Is proposed for the construction of facilities and activities for american football in the World






IAAFL always active in helping development of AF !!! While IAAFL Embassador Demetrus Mccray is visiting Honduras organizing camps for local players, on the other side of the planet, Coach Julio Ballester from Spain is going to participate to first historic AF Cameroon Camp after the resignation of the players NFL announced IAAFL IS ALWAYS…
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First Combines AMFA Team Maroc

  Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of January, in Rabat, Morocco, it will be hold a first Combine for creation of new Morocco National Team, with the participation of more than 70 athletes from all Morocco’s Teams. IAAFL will participate like official supervisor to support activity.

Demetrus Mc Cray Football Ambassador

The IAAFL Board unanimously approved the resolution for the award of the International Ambassador status to Demetrus Mc Cray Below is the text of the Resolution with the conferment reasons: “The IAAFL Board has expressed the address to assign the honorary position in the session of 10 December 2017 in recognition of the acquired sporting merit,…
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American Football Club Personal Card

Join the International Amateur American Football Club, Personal Card, annual insurance, travel benefits in Europe, Africa and South America. You will have a personal AICS / CSIT card in order to participate in the 2019 WSG in Barcelona in Spain. in addition to American Football (2019 demonstration sport) you can take part in soccer, basketball,…
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