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International Workers & Amateurs Sports Confederation

during last ExCom Meeting helded in Barcelona, IAAFL was promoted to FULL MEMBER with Right Vote from CSIT ExCom. After 3 years like Candidate Member, due to the hard work of its members and the great success of the last edition of the CSIT WorldSportGames helded in Ravenna, the supreme decision-making body of the CSIT, the Excom, voted for admission to full member of our organization.
Next goal is to obtain status of Official Sport in CSIT !!!
see list of Official Members of CSIT


IAAFL is proud to announce the signature of a
Partnership Agreement with
Women's American Football Foundation

WAFF, a recently created Foundation to help development of Tackle Women in USA and IAAFL, have signed a Collaboration Agreement to help to develop the category of Gridiron Women Tackle in the World
Her President and founder, Ms. Katisha Simpkins enters in the Family of IAAFL like
IAAFL World Female Tackle Manager

Follow Facebook page of WAFF HERE
Contact our Staff if you are interested in to organize a Camp for your Female Tackle Team !!


Calendar of National and International Events organized by IAAFL and by its partners is Ready !!
Many National and International Events are going to be organized by IAAFL and by its partners all around the World
See the complete list in the CALENDAR on-line


IF&F PROJECT - EPS and International Organizations that collaborate to contribute to the development of the Gridiron Tackle and Flag at National and International level, an intelligent response to the needs and sustainability of Italian sport and its actors declined to promotional categories with a greater sports offer and attention to the real current issues.
Read more at IAAFL.EU Menu [Proyect IF&F]


During 2023, IAAFL has renovated Partners Agreements and finalized new ones with different organization, Associations and Teams from all over the World.
Here the complete list:
  • A.F.A Belize
    Partnership with Coach Jason Cooper and the new recently created American Football Association of Belize, wonderful little country in Central America.

  • ADAFA AC - Mexico
    Prestigious Referees organization from Mexico, signed a partnership agreement with IAAFL
    Two Officials, have participated to the recent CSIT WorldSportsGames 2023 in Ravenna, Italy

  • AEFAO - Asociacion Estatal de Futbol Americano Oaxaca
    Partnership with the Mexican Association of American Football Tackle and Flag of the State of Oaxaca, Mexico

  • AFFAM - American Football for African Mission
    One year more, we renovate our partnership with AFFAM and his President, Coach Amadi Chukwuemeka, who is IAAFL Representant for Nigeria from the beginning of IAAFL adventure and one of the pioneer of the development of AF in all Africa

  • BCGI - Border of Control Gridiron India
    A team, representing BCGI India, participated to the CSIT WorldSportsGames 2019 in Tortosa , Spain. From there, BCGI India is a member of our family and his representant, Mr. Mohit Rajawat is our Vice President for the Asia Continent

  • Black Dragons Paraguay
    The Team Black Dragons Paraguay, the first official team created in Paraguay, is part of our family from its foundation. His President is also our IAAFL representant for the country Paraguay. Coach Agustin Espinola, was also President of the LFAP, Liga Football Americano Paraguay until last year.

  • CRFL - Costa Rica Football League
    After the participation of Mr. Dani "Disco" Herrera, to the IAAFL Panamerican Cup, helded in Chile in January 2018, Mr. Herrera creates CRFL Costa Rica Football League, a semi-pro championship in this country. After the first year, due to Covid Pandemy, the organization was stopped but from the next year 2024, CRFL comes back to organize again the official championship in CostaRica. Mr Herrera, is also the owner of the Travel Team "Sharks CostaRica", and the team travels all around the World organizing demonstrative matches and participating to international bowls. The team Sharks International is actually the Team champion of the Amateurs & Workers Olympics Games helded in Ravenna, Italy in September 2023. Mr. Dani "Disco Herrera is also IAAFL Vice President for the Central and South America Continent.

  • GAFF - Ghana American Football Federation
    From the beginning of the adventure of IAAFL, Mr. Larry Wahab, from Ghana, is our IAAFL representant for the country Ghana. Due to his excellent work during these years, he's actually the President of the new recently formed Federation of American Football on Ghana.
    Hard work always give fruits !!

  • LDFA - Liga Dominicana Football Americano
    The collaboration agreement with the Dominican League of American Football continues. Its President, Mr. Eros Braccini is also the IAAFL Commissioner for the Dominican Republic

  • LFAM - Liga Football Americano Mendoza
    The collaboration agreement with the Mendoza (Argentine) League of American Football continues. Its President, Mr. Enrique Catala' is also the IAAFL Commissioner for the Argentina. In this year, LFAM will organise an international tournament at the end of year.
    Stay Tuned !!

    NEW partnership agreement was signed this year with LIVE Mexico, a selection of players from Mexico.
    Welcome LIVE Mexico in the family of IAAFL

    The friendship with the veteran team of the Lobos Grises of Mexico continues from 2019. This year it will participate in the Over50 tournament in Mexico and some of his players will come to Italy for the III International Bowl against a selection of the Italian Charity Bowl League

    After participating in the CSIT WorldSportsGames 2023 in third place, Team Thundercats USA becomes part of the IAAFL family. Its president, Coach Justin McKenzie becomes our IAAFL commissioner for the US. Welcome Justin and welcome Thundercats


Starting from 2024, all IAAFL family teams and their coaches participating in International events will receive points (coins) according to certain parameters. Every year, there will be prizes for the best ranked teams !
  • Read the power ranking rules HERE
  • Read the Teams standing HERE
  • Read the Coaches standing HERE
If you want to register your team to the IAAFL POWER RANKING, send an email to sabbioneda@iaafl.eu with the text: 'IAAFL Power Ranking Registration' and the name of your team.



Starting from 1st of january 2024, all players in the World, can participate to INDIVIDUAL PLAYER WORLD RANKING
The rules are simple read HERE
Every time you play a game with your team, go to this FORM, choose the World Zone you belong to, and enter your name and the result of the game. Based on the results you will get tokens that at the end of the year could make you win prizes and gadgets!!


to participate in any IAAFL activity in the world,
YOU MUST be registered.
IAAFL must comply with Italian legal obligations, which oblige us to declare all participants in our activities. The registration fee is only 10€ that you can pay OnLine or at the time of participation in the activity.
This registration is valid one year from the date of payment and is required only the first time.
Follow this LINK to subscribe online to IAAFL’s activities in the World

News from the IAAFL World:

CRFL CostaRica - ready the 2024 championship !!

The 2024 championship of CRFL Costa Rica is at the starting line... San Jose Toros, Leones FC, Perez Zeledon Southern Knights and Dawgs CR are ready to battle for the title of national champions of Costa Rica TOROS DAWGS

Follow the Championship HERE

Confederation Cup, August 2024 Cancun

From 22 to 24 August 2024, in Cancun and Playa del Carmen, Mexico, will take place the prestigious world tournament called the Confederations Cup in modality F11 Tackle Men.
Team Mexico, Home Team, launches the challenge to all Teams for the title of Continental Champion of the Americas in the Category F11 Men Tackle.
Also from USA, a selection of Women of the WAFF, Women's American Football Foundation launches the challenge to all Female Tackle Teams of the World for the title of Continental Champion of the Americas in the Category F11 Women Tackle.
Who will have the courage to challenge these two very strong teams?

The tournament is open to teams from all over the world.
Inscriptions are open from 15th of January.
For more informations write to: sabbioneda@iaafl.eu

II Mediterranean Championship, September 2024, Sanremo, Italy

September 2024, Sanremo, Italy, second edition of big Continental Tournament with Categories Tackle Men & Tackle Women !!
Open Inscriptions for Teams from all over the World to participate to this prestigious Tournament ...!!
For more informations write to: sabbioneda@iaafl.eu

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