IAAFL, International Amateur American Football League, where LEAGUE does not mean Championship rather as a league of AF fans in the world (like the Avengers to understand better) is an international non-profit association, with headquarters in Italy and activities all over the world.

In January 2014, a group of ex Players, Coaches, Referees and European Presidents with over 30 years of experience in European Gridiron Football (original name American Football) met to discuss the development of this sport.

This group noticed that in the year 2000 Gridiron was played in 14/15 countries, and in 2014 in more than 70 countries in the world and today in more than 80 with new countries starting the practice every year.

They also noticed that in Europe, in the 80’s, there was a big growth of this sport with big sponsors and even a semi-professional league, the famous NFL Europe with teams from all over Europe, but it had a major collapse in the next decade.

This appened in many European countries, and this group of founders tried to examine the problems that led to this fall. One of the main problems was the inexperience of many enthusiasts who approached this sport and made mistakes dictated by lack of experience and lack of communication (at that time there was no Internet).

This group of people then decided to create an international association of volunteers to help the growth of Gridiron Football in all its versions, Tackle and Flag, Female and Male, Senior and Junior, especially in the new countries to help them develop it in a “good way” to avoid the same mistakes and to help the diffusion and visibility of Gridiron Football…

In this way IAAFL was born…..

1981/1987 - AIFA
1988/2002 - FIAF
2003/2008 - NFLI
2014 - IAAFL