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"Mediterranean Championship 2020"
Rooster Romagna Champions !!!

Rooster Romagna wins First Mediterranean Championship. With final score of 44-12 against Mustangs Mantova they....
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Female Team ALL GREY SIRENAS MEXICO category flag originally from Mexico, sign a Partnership Letter with IAAFL with the objective of developing the sport of Gridiron Football in the two countries and in their respective continents,
We hope to see the ALL GREY SIRENAS MEXICO soon in IAAFL international tournaments.

Ready to Start

The NFLI Italy Winter League is ready to start..
7 Teams, divided in two Conference will play the title... Follow news from site web


In Italy, located in the Lombardia, started a proyect of a new team Master Over 45 to partecipate to International WildCardLeague.
WCL is the new World League reserved to Teams Master or Over45 around the World. 4/5 matches classification over two years and Final Fase celebrated during CSIT WorldSportsGames in every odd years. Teams from Europe and from LatinoAmerica are ready to start this proyect.

CSIT announce next WorldSportsGames organized in Italy, in the localities of Cervia & Cesenatico

The CSIT ExCom took some important and necessary decisions at its extraordinary online meeting in early September. The 7th edition of the CSIT World Sports Games (WSG) cannot take place in Zagreb (Croatia) as originally planned, but will be hosted in the first week of June 2021 by the Italian CSIT member organization AICS in Cesenatico and Cervia in Emilia Romagna Region (Italy). A postponement of the WSG and a new host city were unavoidable due to... Read more

AFFG, American Football Federation Ghana sign Committment letter with IAAFL
WELCOME to Family

We are proud to annonce that the American Football Federation Ghana enter in our big family !!!! Recent signed accords for futures collaborations were taken beetween Directory of IAAFL International and members of AFFG, American Football Federation of Ghana. New relationships of force have been created with goal to develop Gridiron Football in the World.
Stay Tuned with news coming from Ghana at follow link: follow link:

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