IAAFL / AFFG Ghana -Signed collaboration partnership !!

IAAFL is proud to annonce the signature of a Commitment letter between IAAFL and AFFG, American Football Federation Ghana. Stay update with news from our african brother of Ghana about development of Gridiron Football.

IAAFL/AFFAM Finalized the Agreement

IAAFL is proud to annonce the finalization to the Agreement with prestigious african  association AFFAM, American Football for Africa Mission. Two international association with the same goal to develop and diffuse this discipline reached big accord to travail together … Welcome AFFAM in the big family of IAAFL !!!!

IAAFL / AFFAM Meeting Online

Yesterday, 25th June 2020, representants of IAAFL and AFFAM, (American Football for Africa Mission) meet together to discuss  possibility to sign an Accord of Collaboration beetween two entities. A couple of hours talking about activities from two side with high disposition to find common goals to reach together. At the end, a letter of intents…
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The Mediterranean Championship of American Football held usually every year, The tournament is managed by International Amateur American Football League. Categories: Male nine player tackle; Female nine player tackle; Flag senior +16 years M / F; Flag junior -16 years M / F SEND MAIL WINNER OF FIRST EDITION : ROMAGNA ROOSTERS TACKLE F9 – PROVISIONAL…
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Demetrus McCray visiting Morocco

See short vidéo from IAAFL World Ambassador Coach Demetrus McCray visiting Morocco !!

History of Gridiron Football in Nigeria

Follow the link to see how AF started in Nigeria !! Football History in Africa🌍The Historic game was not without other side attractions worthy of being mentioned; is an… Pubblicato da American Football For African Mission su Venerdì 1 maggio 2020



First Combines AMFA Team Maroc

  Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of January, in Rabat, Morocco, it will be hold a first Combine for creation of new Morocco National Team, with the participation of more than 70 athletes from all Morocco’s Teams. IAAFL will participate like official supervisor to support activity.