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Is proposed for the construction of facilities and activities for american football in the World

Ajaccio Bowl 2016

Waiting for confirmation, the third event in Corsica IAAFL Council, Ajaccio Bowl will be played between Viterbo Pitbulls Vs. Guerrieri Ajaccio in the week of 12/13 March 2016.

Week Italo Corso Broncos Vs. Guerrieri

  IAAFL is proud to present / tiene el gusto de presentar / est heureux de présenter / ha il piacere di comunicare: WEEK ItaloCorso – 27/28 February, Ajaccio, Corsica Match Preseason Broncos Faenza – Guerrieri d’Ajaccio      

Happy Birthday Commissioner

Have a wonderful day and next fabulous year.