Entraînement Collectifs Football Américain

IAAFL/AICS, in collaboration with AMFA and teams affiliated, is proud to present a free IAAFL clinic during weekend of 14/15 may. Saturday, camp in Casablanca, organized from Casablanca Stars and Sunday, camp in Rabat for local teams. During this full intensive weekend, the program will concern clinics for players, for coaches, for Referees and especially…
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A Bridge Between Two Cultures

First logo, first draft. We’re working on it.

Voyage Europe

The IAAFL Commissioner Africa and Morocco, in this April is visiting Italy and France, after Bologna, Milan and Paris, Montpellier. Saturday 30 and Sunday, May 1 to Sanremo and Alessandria continues the Mouh Tarik tour. Good Job Tarik. Aujourd’hui je suis en visite à Montpellier .

Treichville Dockers

Les Dockers de Treichville : Equipe de Flag et Tackle Football membre de l’AFAT (Association du Football Américain de Treichville)

Africa Commissioner Tarik Mouh in Bologna with Hon. Bruno Molea

Saturday April 16 in Bologna, the IAAFL Commissioner for Africa Tarik Mouh, Hon. Bruno Molea, Giovanni Cantu for IAAFL met in the margins of the conference on the new law of sport in Emiliaromagna. Activities IAAFL/AICS in Africa and development initiatives, have been occasions for discussion between Molea and the African Commissioner. Mrs Molea wanted to…
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The Commissioner AICS/IAAFL Africa Tarik Mouh, welcome guest in Italy

Da sabato 16 aprile sarà in Italia il Commisioner AICS/IAAFL dell’Africa Tarik Mouh, ospite gradito di AICS, il dirigente africano sarà in Italia per stage formativi dedicati all’organizzazione di eventi sportivi, creazione dei quadri dirigenziali della struttura africana e i settori arbitrali necessari alla vita sportiva del football americano. Momenti importanti saranno (dopo il benvenuto…
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IAAFL South Africa is dedicated to youth football school

IAAFL South Africa is dedicated to youth football school. Commissioner RSA, Stephen Pheta Radebe these days is completing the organization of IAAFL school tournament. Much interest in the initiative. Soon we inform you of developments. Next AICS Embassy RSA

Hon. Bruno Molea and Suleiman Rodgers

Sabato 20 febbraio 2016 L’On. Bruno Molea durante la sua visita in Kenya. ha  incontrato il Council Kenya di IAAFL. Il Commisioner Suleiman Rodgers Tra le altre cose si è parlato della coppa d’africa 2017 organizzata in Marocco in collaborazione di AICS. Hon. Molea ha consegnato una medaglia al merito sportivo a IAAFL Kenya. Saturday,…
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A.B.U Titans Fc Vs Lagos Marines

This is to inform all IAAFL family that we at Nigeria will be having our first kickoff at Zaria. The A.B.U Titans Fc Vs Lagos Marines on the 5th march 2016. The return features at lagos in the Month of April.

Hon. Molea & Suleiman Rodgers IAAFL Kenya

Saturday 20,February Hon. Bruno Molea, during his visit to Kenya, will meet the IAAFL Kenya Council. Mr Suleiman Rodgers, IAAFL Commissioner for Kenya, with a delegation of players and executives of Kenya American Football, will welcome mr. Molea and they will talk about creation of Embassy Kenya, association affiliated to AICS. At the order of…
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