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Is proposed for the construction of facilities and activities for american football in the World



First Combines AMFA Team Maroc

  Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 of January, in Rabat, Morocco, it will be hold a first Combine for creation of new Morocco National Team, with the participation of more than 70 athletes from all Morocco’s Teams. IAAFL will participate like official supervisor to support activity.

AMFA Morocco in Italy

Stage IAAFL 2016 It begins with an individual session to Haytam Fadel, the first player arrived in Vigliano d Asti, in the province of Asti, the stage IAAFL dedicated to the Moroccan selection of AMFA, Moroccan Association Football. The rest of the players and coachs will join Wednesday for six days of training at the…
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L’AMFA Organise un stage d’entrainement pour Octobre

AICS / IAAFL en collaboration avec AMFA ont pu Organiser Du 13 au 15 mai 2016 à Rabat une formation destinée aux joueurs et aux techniciens de football, Journée Collectifs supervisé Par Walter Sabbioneda le Responsable international de AICS / IAAFL. Grand succès associatif et éducatif qui maintenant près de deux ans est fait par…
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Rabat 05/14/16 – Official Meeting of the Moroccan Football Association (AMFA)

Rabat 05/14/16 – Official Meeting of the Moroccan Football Association (AMFA) Board of Directors: President Tarik Mouh; Abdelhafid Martassi Secretary General; Abdalmounaim khorkhor, Vice President; Guendoul Youness, National Technical Director; Ali Benmlih, Treasurer; With presence of IAAFL General Commissioner Walter Sabbioneda, Items on the Agenda (1) National Team; (2) Africa Cup 2017; (3) National Championship; (4)…
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Youness Guendoul: il ete nombree DT de l’Association AMFA – has been named DT of AMFA

Youness Guendoul, 34 ans, de origine d’el hajeb, coach IAAFL et qb de Rabat Lions, il ete nombree DT de l’Association AMFA remplaçant l’anterieure DT Mounir Alt Ihiy. IAAFL il sera a cote de lui pour aidee a son formation pour couvrir cette responsabilitee importante dans le développement du FA au Maroc. On le souhaite…
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Entraînement Collectifs Football Américain

IAAFL/AICS, in collaboration with AMFA and teams affiliated, is proud to present a free IAAFL clinic during weekend of 14/15 may. Saturday, camp in Casablanca, organized from Casablanca Stars and Sunday, camp in Rabat for local teams. During this full intensive weekend, the program will concern clinics for players, for coaches, for Referees and especially…
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A Bridge Between Two Cultures

First logo, first draft. We’re working on it.

Voyage Europe

The IAAFL Commissioner Africa and Morocco, in this April is visiting Italy and France, after Bologna, Milan and Paris, Montpellier. Saturday 30 and Sunday, May 1 to Sanremo and Alessandria continues the Mouh Tarik tour. Good Job Tarik. Aujourd’hui je suis en visite à Montpellier .

Treichville Dockers

Les Dockers de Treichville : Equipe de Flag et Tackle Football membre de l’AFAT (Association du Football Américain de Treichville)