Mediterranean Championship 2020 – Marina di Ravenna, Italy

Mediterranean Championship 2020 – Marina di Ravenna, Italy

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IAAFL organizes  International Tournament “Mediterranean Championship 2020”, in Marina di Ravenna, Italy, from 8/9th to 12th September.

5 days of Sport, Culture, Tourism and Fun..

Inscription 100€ person including personal insurance.

Convention con Camping for 20€ night/person in Bungalows or each one free to book on their own.

Convention with Bars and Restaurant or possibility to cook into the Bungalows.

Modalities Tackle 9v9 Male and Female and Flag 5v5 Male and Female.

Formula IAAFL with matches Tackle without Special Teams of 1h/1h30 time watch, 1 match for day more Finals Saturday 12th September

Possibilities of individual participation in roster of Team Europe.


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IAAFL organise  Tournoi Internationale “Mediterranean Championship 2020” de 8/9 septembre a samedi 12 a Marina Di Ravenna, 15€A/R train depuis Bologna.
5 jours de Sport, Culture, Tourism and Parties

Inscriptions 100€ person avec assurance.
Convention avec un camping avec bungalows a 20€ person pour nuit ou chacun se débrouille.
Conventions avec le camping ou bar dans le terrain ou possibilite de cuisiner dans les Bungalows

Modalite Tackle 9v9 mâle/female sans spécial teams, et flag 5v5 mâle/female, un match par jours minimum plus finals le samedi

Possibilitè de participation individuelle


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Buenos dias,

IAAFL organiza el torneo internacional Mediterranean Championship 2020 a Marina di Ravenna, Italia desde el dia 8/9 de Septiembre hasta Sabado 12 Septiembre 2020.

5 dias de Deporte, Cultura, Turismo y Fiestas

Inscripciones 100€ persona con Seguro Personal

Convencion con un Camping a 20€/noche por persona o cada uno libre de reservar por su cuenta.

Convenciones con Bares y Restaurantes o posibilidad de cocinar en los Bungalows.

Modalidades Tackle 9v9 masculino y femenino y Flag 5v5 Masculino y Femenino.

Formula IAAFL, partidos de 1h/1h30 sin Special Teams, un partido al dia con finales el dia Sabado 12 Septiembre.

Posibilidad de participar individualmente en Team Europe.


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