American Football Club Personal Card

Is proposed for the construction of facilities and activities for american football in the World

American Football Club Personal Card

Join the International Amateur American Football Club, Personal Card, annual insurance, travel benefits in Europe, Africa and South America.

You will have a personal AICS / CSIT card in order to participate in the 2019 WSG in Barcelona in Spain. in addition to American Football (2019 demonstration sport) you can take part in soccer, basketball, volleyball, athletics, swimming and many others in the international IAAFL Sports World Team.

This card guarantees you medical insurance during IAAFL events all over the world. International Camp in Spain, France, Italy, Morocco, Chile, Ecuador. Organization of holidays and games in Italy of 10/15 days.

With only 59 dollars, actually euro 49 +5 for shipping TOT € 54

Please effect a banking payment to these coordinates with the amount of the payment.

BANK: Banca Sella

IBAN: IT31A0326867010052883235240


Intestate: IAAFL

Motive: IAAFL Personal Card 2018

Amount of Payment:  EURO 54

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