Happy Holidays to Everyone

Is proposed for the construction of facilities and activities for american football in the World

Happy Holidays to Everyone

Dear friends and fan of AF,

Another year is almost about to end, Christmas and New Year’s Eve is coming.

During this year, IAAFL was organizing Championships, Tournament, Stages and Formations all over the World in according with goal of our Association to help development of AF in the World; our volunteers have traveled for helping Federations, Associations, Teams, etc, to increase its level and skill and we worked hard to give possibility to play for teams who need to make experience.

Among the various developed activities, I would like to remember the various Italian championships of different modalities (5v5, 7v7, 9v9, Flag Junior & Senior) with the participation of teams from outside Italy like Corsica Guerrieri and the stages in Chile or the stage in Italy with Morocco AMFA Team.

Many more activities were organized and the next year will promise more interesting activities, among which I would like to remember next Africa Cup for teams in January and big Central and South American tournament at the end of November in Chile.

This year has also been very fertile from the point of view of international accords; IAAFL now is officially affiliated to CSIT (www.csit.tv) and various international sponsors are coming to help our future activities, and various media started to write and talk about us.

Many more things are in preparation, and thinking about this, I would like to desire to all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from IAAFL.

Walter Sabbioneda

IAAFL General Commissioner