Africa Commissioner Tarik Mouh in Bologna with Hon. Bruno Molea

Africa Commissioner Tarik Mouh in Bologna with Hon. Bruno Molea

Saturday April 16 in Bologna, the IAAFL Commissioner for Africa Tarik Mouh, Hon. Bruno Molea, Giovanni Cantu for IAAFL met in the margins of the conference on the new law of sport in Emiliaromagna. Activities IAAFL/AICS in Africa and development initiatives, have been occasions for discussion between Molea and the African Commissioner. Mrs Molea wanted to decorate Mouh Tarik with the Brooch to AICS Sporting Value to the organizational and sporting merit in Morocco and Africa.

Sabato 16 aprile a Bologna, il Commissioner IAAFL per Africa Tarik Mouh, l’On. Bruno Molea, Giovanni Cantù per IAAFL si sono incontrati a margine del convegno sulla nuova legge dello sport in Emiliaromagna. Attività, IAAFL/AICS in Africa e iniziative di sviluppo sono state le occasioni di discussione tra Molea e il Commissioner africano. L’on Molea ha voluto decorare Mouh Tarik con la spilla al Valore Sportivo AICS per i meriti organizzativi e sportivi in Marocco e Africa.

Samedi 16 Avril à Bologne, le commissaire IAAFL pour l’Afrique Tarik Mouh, Hon. Bruno Molea, Giovanni Cantu pour IAAFL a rencontré en marge de la conférence sur la nouvelle loi du sport dans EmiliaRomagna. Activités, IAAFL/AICS dans les initiatives en Afrique et en développement, ont eu des occasions de discussion entre Molea et le commissaire africain. Mouh Tarik a reçu la médaille AICS pour le mérite organisationnel et sportif au Maroc et en Afrique.12992213_1085954371455259_1384120412_n 13023605_1085954404788589_1415468950_n 13045586_1085954364788593_847623259_n


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